On June 3, 2014, IRS Commissioner Koskinen announced that the IRS "will soon put forward modifications to the [Voluntary Disclosure & Streamlined] programs currently in place" for U.S. citizens residing overseas.  

The new IRS Commissioner noted that the IRS is well aware that there are many expats who have resided abroad for many years.  The IRS has been considering plans to allow U.S. citizens residing overseas an opportunity to come into compliance without having to pay the type of penalties that are appropriate for U.S. resident taxpayers who were willfully hiding their investments overseas.

We have helped numerous expats get back into compliance with U.S. law.  We intend to create a new low cost fee structure to help Americans residing overseas once the new changes are announced by the IRS.   

We can represent you regardless of where you reside in the world.  No face-to-face meetings are required.  Save time, save money, and get back into compliance without giving up your U.S. citizenship.  

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