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April 16, 2011 - http://www.cnbc.com/id/42573824/Tax_Cheaters_Choice_Reveal
An estimated half million Americans have a painful decision to make between today and August 31 — admit to the IRS that they’ve been hiding secret offshore bank accounts, or take their chances the government won’t find out about their secret horde and possibly send them to jail.

April 15, 2011 - Profiled: Illegal Offshore Account Holders
Nearly a half-million Americans have a painful decision to make by Aug. 31 — admit to the IRS that they’ve been hiding secret offshore bank accounts, or take their chances that the government won’t find out and possibly send them to jail.

March 28, 2011 - Israeli bank to pay NIS 130 million to heirs of Holocaust
Bank Leumi will transfer NIS 130 million to Holocaust survivors and heirs of victims, under a settlement approved Sunday by the bank and the Company for Location and Restitution of Holocaust Victims' Assets.

March 28, 2011 - Israeli bank to U.S. taxpayers: disclose accounts Insuranc
Leumi, Israel’s l?rg??t bank, ?? requiring U.S. clients t? acknowledgement th??r deposits t? th? Internal Revenue Service, among heightened inspection ?f offshore accounts b? U.S. authorities.

March 17, 2011 -Bank Leumi Protects Customer Data with Check Point DLP
“A recent data leak at one of our competitors cost them several million dollars in lost business and raised concerns about the security of customer information within the banking industry,” said Daniel Brunner, head of information security, CISO at Bank Leumi Switzerland.

March 4, 2011 - Banks haven't gotten the tax fraud message: prosecutor
U.S. authorities will devote "considerable" resources to go after the banks, the bankers, "and most importantly the clients," Downing said.

March 1, 2011 - US tax evasion investigation hits Israel's bank Leumi.
Last week's conspiracy charges against the Credit Suisse bankers allege that one of them advised his client to transfer his account to an Israeli bank, which a person familiar with the matter says is Bank Leumi. Two other clients allegedly transferred accounts to a Bahamas bank.

February 28, 2011 - US tax evasion affair spreads to Leumi
Garvin says that the US authorities have received information about accounts at Bank Leumi and China Merchants Bank (HKSE: 3968, Shanghai: 600036).... Bank Leumi told "The Financial Times" that it was not aware of the investigation.

Feb 14, 2011 - IRS gives 'last chance' to disclose offshore accounts
The U.S. Internal Revenue Service is launching a second round of its voluntary disclosure program, which offers reduced penalties for American citizens who have previously failed to report offshore accounts, the agency announced this week.

February 9, 2011 - IRS Sets Offshore Amnesty, Part II .
The Internal Revenue Service on Tuesday announced a new limited amnesty for U.S. taxpayers with secret foreign accounts that will allow them to pay penalties and avoid jail time.

January 30, 2011 - Offshore banks must adapt or die in WikiLeaks era
If the US government can’t stop WikiLeaks from publishing sensitive military information, small nations won’t be able to prevent the release of this kind of data. There will always be another whistleblower - and you can’t prosecute them all.

January 25, 2011 - A 2nd I.R.S. Amnesty for Offshore Accounts
The Internal Revenue Service said on Monday that it would soon announce a new amnesty program aimed at encouraging wealthy Americans with hidden offshore bank accounts to come forward, declare their money and pay taxes owed.

January 19, 2011 - Israeli Government Sells 5% Stake In Bank Leumi For ILS1
Bank Leumi Le Israel (LUMI.TV) said Wednesday that the government has sold a 5% stake in the bank to UBS AG (UBS) for 1.3 billion shekels ($366 million).

January 14, 2011 - Governments Press U.S. to Ease Overseas Tax-Cheat Law
By the time the requirements take effect in January 2013, each foreign institution must enter into an information-sharing agreement with the IRS. Those that don’t will be effectively barred from accessing U.S. markets.

Janauary 14, 2011 - U.S. may give tax amnesty program another round
There are no statistics as to how many U.S. citizens residing in Israel took part in the OVDP's first round

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